Blake Neely wrote the music for most of the first six minutes of the "Pie-lette". He did not receive credit for doing so.

Neely was asked by director and executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld in May 2007 to do the score originally. He watched it with Sonnenfeld and executive producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, both of whom he worked previously on Traveler. After he watched it, he went to his home and immediately wrote the first six minutes. However, he woke up the next morning and he found himself concentrating on other projects. It was Neely who introduced the producers to Jim Dooley, who now composes the score.

In September 2007, the producers asked to license the first six minutes and a few other cues he had written for the "Pie-lette".

You can hear what was originally composed on his web site. It is entitled "Fairy Tales Don't Have Happy Endings". It contains a rough cut of the first six minutes. The only score missing is the score for Young Ned and Young Chuck's playdate, which was written by Jim Dooley.

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