[Deedee] offered me a high seas adventure at no cost, all I had to do was pick up a package.
― Chuck [1]

The logo for Boutique Travel Travel Boutique.

Boutique Travel Travel Boutique is a travel agency in Coeur d'Coeurs owned and operated by Deedee Duffield. Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles booked from this agency the ill-fated cruise that resulted in her death at the hands of the Shiny Shoes Killer.


According to a billboard advertisement inside Boutique Travel Travel Boutique, the agency offers summer airfare offers of $323 to New York, $599 to London, $649 to Amsterdam, $659 to Paris and $399 to Cancun. According to the decals on the exterior windows, the agency also offers trips to Machu Picchu, Cairo, Toronto, Morocco, Tierra del Fuego and Tahiti, among other places. [1]


Deedee Duffield after being smothered to death by the Shiny Shoes Killer in her Boutique Travel Travel Boutique office.

The travel agency is managed by Deedee Duffield, who offered Chuck a free Tahitian cruise in exchange for picking up two extremely valuable 19th century Scharnhorst Werkstatte Reposing Monkey statues she won in an online auction. When Chuck is murdered by the Shiny Shoes Killer, a fine porcelain collector seeking the monkeys, Deedee offers a $50,000 reward in exchange for his capture, fearful that she may be his next victim. Her fears are confirmed when the killer smothers her to death in her office. Since it appears from the interior design of the agency that Deedee was the only employee, it is likely that the business closed or was sold following her death, although this remains unclear. [1]


The exterior of Boutique Travel Travel Boutique.


The exterior of Boutique Travel Travel Boutique is relatively nondescript, with green columns separating a door and three full-sized windows with shades and decals advertising countries and cities for which travel packages are offered. The interior consists of a single room with a small waiting are with three floors, a tiny coffee machine area atop a metal cabinet, and a single desk from which manager Deedee Duffield conducts her business. [1]


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