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Dwight Dixon is a mysterious man with connections to both Ned's father and Chuck's father. He claims they had all served with the "Blue Berets", a UN Peacekeeping force. While assigned in Egypt, they had all received gold pocket watches that the last survivor would return to Egypt with.

Dwight first appears at the Pie Hole and tells Ned that the pie tastes great - like his mother's. He explains that he knew his father before Ned was born. Dwight states he was hoping to reunite with Ned's father but receives little help there. He is later seen waiting in his car outside of Maurice and Ralston's house, with a gun.

His next plan is to begin courting Vivian Charles, despite her sister Lily's displeasure at it. He tells the sisters he is looking for both Charles and Ned's father's pocket watches. They inform him that it was buried with Charlotte. However, when he got to where Charlotte was buried, he found her coffin to be empty. While out on a date with Vivian, she shows him Chuck's obituary, triggering him to remember seeing her at the Pie Hole. He later steals the pocket watch from Chuck.

Lily tries repeatedly to dissuade Dwight from courting her sister for fear that he will reveal her long-buried secrets to Vivian. After scaring him away from their house with a shotgun, she goes to visit him at the Come and Sleep Hotel to convince him to leave for good and finds Charles' and Chuck's pocket watch next to Dixon's own. She takes it and leaves a note, telling Dwight to meet her at the cemetery. Unbeknownst to her, he is already at the cemetery, believing that Chuck has stolen the watch, and intends to kill her. He hesitates as he watches Ned and Chuck dig up Charles Charles' grave. 61 seconds later, Dwight is killed as a result of the rules governing Ned's magic touch, and Charles being left alive too long.

Dwight is buried in Charles's grave the next day by Chuck and Emerson Cod. However, his disappearance causes Vivian to worry about him and hire The Norweigians, a group of highly trained, highly skilled detectives from Norway. While investigating Dwight's disappearance, The Norwegians discover that Lily was going to confront Dwight in the cemetery to get Charlotte's watch back. However, along with this discovery, they find that Dwight's body was moved from Charles Charles' grave. In the end, The Norwegians are led to a false conclusion that Dwight burned both Chuck and her father's body's using a liquid accelerant and simply died of natural causes.