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Marianne Marie Beetle is the owner of the Muffin Buffalo, a muffin-selling business in Papen County. She is also an annual competitor in the Papen County Comfort Food Cook-Off. In a competition two years prior to the events of "Comfort Food", she beat The Pie Hole for Best in Stomach.

Before Papen County

Marianne Marie was previously seen in Bryan Fuller's cult hit series Wonderfalls. In the episode entitled Muffin Buffalo, Marianne Marie was down on her luck, and funds, following a hysterectomy, and missing disability checks. Her fears led her to ponder, "will this buffalo never roam?" Days away from being evicted from her trailer park, events align in her favor when she helps a neighbor struggling with weight loss reach his target weight after overdosing on her fat-free muffins and getting all her missing checks back from another neighbor who had kept them from her. The money gave her new start up capital, and the man she helped gave her inspiration.

Comfort Food Cook-Off

In its new home and with its award winning muffins, her business seemed to be doing much better. Marianne Marie also displayed a strong competitive streak, and a fierce rivalry with Olive Snook. During the competition, she sabotaged fellow competitors Ned and the Waffle Nazi in order to get an edge up. She also attempted to sabotage Colonel Likkin, but his death removed that need. She was discovered in Likken's kitchen space by the competition's coordinator, Leo Burns and was disqualified. She expressed anxiety over her buffalo not being able to roam again, a hint of either restlessness or perhaps a suffering business. However, after Leo was identified as Likken's murderer, she and Olive realized they could still compete. She raced to put a basket of her muffins onto the judging table in time, but was narrowly beaten out by Olive.

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